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What is a cookie?

What is a cookie? A cookie is a small text file downloaded to the computer when a user visits a website.  The file stores information which is then read by the website during subsequent browsing activities. Some of these cookies are necessary for the website's operation, while others are useful for the user as, for example, they store the username or language settings is a secure way. By enabling cookies to be downloaded to their PC, users can avoid re-entering the same information when visiting a website accessed previously.

Why does RPS S.p.A. use cookies?

RPS S.p.A. uses cookies in order to offer customers a browsing experience that best reflects their tastes and preferences. By accepting cookies, the user will not have to receive or enter the same information on subsequent visits to the website. Cookies are also used to optimise the website's performance: they facilitate both the final purchasing process and the quick search of specific elements and products within the website. RPS S.p.A. has adopted appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against potential loss and any form of unlawful processing.

For further information, please consult our privacy policy.

Third-party cookies:

The Riello UPS (RPS S.p.A.) website can use third-party services on behalf of Riello UPS (RPS S.p.A.), for collecting statistical information on how users interact with the website, and for providing other services relative to the website's activities and other Internet services.

In particular, this website uses Google Analytics, a Web analysis service provided by Google, Inc., registered in the United States and headquartered in 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, California 94043. In order to provide these services, cookies are used to collect information – including the user's IP address – which will then be transmitted, processed and stored by Google under the conditions defined in the website. This information may also be transmitted to third parties for fulfilling mandatory legal requirements, or for being processed on behalf of Google.

By using this website, the user expressly accepts processing of information collected in the manner and for the purposes explained above. The user can refuse processing of said data or information by means of cookies, by selecting the relevant setting on the browser. Some of the website's functions may be unavailable to the user when cookies are blocked through the relevant browser option.

Users may authorise, block or cancel any cookies installed on their computer by configuring the relevant browser settings.

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Click "Like" Facebook and social widgets are services of interaction with the social network Facebook, provided by Facebook, Inc.

Personal data collected: Cookie and data usage.

Processing location: USA – Privacy Policy


Tweet button and social widgets to Twitter (Twitter)

The Tweet button and social widgets are services of Twitter to interact with the social network Twitter, provided by Twitter Inc.

Personal data collected: Cookie and data usage.

Place of treatment: USA – Privacy Policy


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Personal data collected: Cookie and data usage.

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For any further information on the cookie policy, please contact Riello UPS (RPS S.p.A) at


How can I deactivate the cookies?

The browser can be easily configured for deactivating cookies. Please note: by deactivating cookies, your username and password will no longer be memorised on the website's login box.


Open Firefox.
Press the 'Alt' key on the keyboard.
From the toolbar situated on the upper part of the browser window, select 'Tools' followed by 'Options'.
Next, select the 'Privacy' panel.
Go to the 'History' settings and click 'Use custom settings for history'. Deselect 'Accept cookies from sites' and save the preferences.

Internet Explorer:

Open Internet Explorer.
Click on 'Tools' then on 'Internet options'.
Select the 'Privacy' panel and slide the cursor to the desired privacy level (upwards to block all cookies or downwards to enable them all).
Then click on OK.

Google Chrome:

Open Google Chrome.
Click on 'Tools'.
Select 'Settings' followed by 'Show advanced settings'.
Select 'Content settings' under 'Privacy'.
Go to 'All cookies and site data' to search and cancel specific cookies.


Enter chrome://settings/cookies in the toolbar and press enter.
Go to 'All cookies and site data' to search and cancel specific cookies.


Open Safari.
Choose 'Preferences' in the toolbar then select the 'Security' panel from the dialogue box that appears.
In the 'Accept cookies' section it is possible to specify if and when Safari must download cookies from websites. For further information, click on the Auto button (identified by the question mark symbol).
For further information on cookies downloaded to your computer, click on 'Show cookies'.