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Riello UPS has been shortlisted in the Tech category at the i-NOVO Awards
April 25, 2016 - April 29, 2016
The Multi Power has been shortlisted in the Tech category

Riello UPS’s flagship product, the Multi Power, has been shortlisted in the Tech category of the i-NOVO Awards 2016.

The shortlist will be announced on the i-Novo Awards website simultaneously to the opening of the Hannover Messe. Starting from the 25th April and till the end of the trade show, the public who will visit the Hannover Messe may vote for the Riello UPS Multi Power directly at the Riello UPS’s showroom in Halle 13 – Stand C63 or online at the i-Novo Awards website .

Organised by DirectIndustry, the awards recognise excellence in industrial manufacturing in electricity and electronics, automation, mechanical components and measurement.

Riello UPS’s Multi Power ensures the highest level of performance in terms of overall efficiency, input power factor and harmonic impact on the supply source. The advanced technologies deployed within the unit guarantees full rated power even with unity power factor loads (kVA=kW) without any power downgrading even when operating at temperatures up to 40°C.

The i-Novo Tech Award will be given to the product that demonstrates a technological innovation in the fabrication, the use of advanced technology and materials that improve a design and innovative concept.

To vote for Riello UPS Multi Power this year’s at i-Novo Awards please click here or go to