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Current Range: 16 - 30 A

16 A

Multi Switch ATS guarantees power operating continuity. The usage of ATS guarantees higher reliability then a single UPS with a bypass.
Multi Switch ATS permits to power up to 8 x 10A IEC load or 1 x 16A IEC from 2 power supplies line (either from the grid or UPS). It is able to connect the loads to one of the 2 input lines and meanwhile to monitor the consumption.
Multi Switch ATS can switch-off each group of output power-plugs separately.
In case of load malfunctions (e.g. short-circuit) the Multi Switch ATS disconnects the plugs where the load is connected, avoiding to disconnect other loads.

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Operating principle
Multi Switch ATS provides direct distribution of eight 10 A IEC consumers or one 16 A IEC consumer in a system with two input power lines (two mains inputs, or two UPS ).
Multi Switch ATS is able to connect to either of the two input power lines, whilst simultaneously monitoring the power uptake.

Protection against load faults
If one of the loads fails (e.g. short circuit), Multi Switch ATS disconnects the group of sockets where the load is connected, thus preventing other loads from being switched off (i.e. in the event of poor selectivity of the protection devices).

Protection against power supply faults
If one of the two power sources falls outside tolerance levels, Multi Switch ATS will transfer the consumers to the second power source (switching is instantaneous if the two sources are in phase).


  • Full protection for consumers against mains and load failures
  • Versatile to use: Multi Switch ATS can be powered with 2 different power supplies (2 UPS even of different sizes/types)
  • 19” cabinet installation
  • Display panel
  • Can be connected to PowerNetGuard supervision software
  • No signal connection between the Multi Switch ATS and the power sources or consumers is necessary
  • Compatible with PowerShield³ software
  • Slot for communications boards.


Multi Switch ATS

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