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May 21, 2020
Riello Elettronica & Riello UPS

The €300 million turnover milestone, with growth of over 7% compared to 280 million in 2018, confirms the position of  Riello Elettronica as a national leader placing it among the top five players worldwide and in third place in Europe’s energy conversion sector.

In this delicate phase of our country's life, Riello Elettronica has kept its plants active to provide assistance to all those fundamental activities such as hospitals, transport and telecommunications responding to the current crisis, for which the quality and continuity of the power supply is essential.

The medical sector is one of the areas in which the presence of the UPS is indispensable. Riello Elettronica has provided its 100% "Made in Italy" technological solutions to protect intensive care machinery, lung ventilators and monitoring and diagnostic equipment (CT, RX. magnetic resonance imaging).

In addition, the Riello Elettronica group, which employs over 1,150 employees, has voluntarily introduced insurance coverage for all staff to support their immediate needs following any diagnosis of Covid-19 infection.

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