Reliable power for a sustainable world


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November 24, 2020
Protecting the acoustic laboratories present within Caimi's futuristic OPEN LAB project.
Sentryum delivers maximum reliability that guarantees continuity to some of the most advanced laboratories in the international arena.

Caimi, one of the main European design-oriented production companies in the field of furniture and furnishing accessories for the office, home and contract, has chosen Riello UPS to guarantee safety to its laboratories and in particular for its project OPEN LAB.

Maximum reliability for a complex project
consists of seven futuristic laboratories specifically dedicated to theoretical and applied research in the fields of technology, acoustics, new materials and advanced prototyping related to the sound-absorbing products made with Snowsound technologies.

It was built within the Caimi headquarters, which today spans a total area of over 10,000 square meters and uses about 40 kilometers of electrical and data cables.

This element played a key role in Caimi's choice of a partner that could guarantee absolute protection to these critical systems.

For the functionality of these new acoustic laboratories, capable of expanding the type of sound field analysis to the surrounding environment thanks to real-time modifiable acoustics and a direct visualization system of sound waves, Caimi needed a reliable system that guaranteed electrical continuity.

Gianni Caimi - CEO of Caimi Spa - describes some of the selection criteria on which they chose Riello UPS as the perfect project partner: “After a careful evaluation, we decided to rely on the leading company in the sector, Riello UPS. An important factor in dictating the choice was certainly the competence of the technicians and the sales department who worked closely with us throughout the design and implementation phase of the solution".

The details of the project
The acoustic chambers in the laboratories have a total weight of 270 tons and float on several layers of special sands with different densities. Equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and equipment, largely designed and built specifically within the company, OPEN LAB allows multiple uses and allows the development of new technical solutions to be applied to the design, production and design of materials.

Riello UPS technicians have developed a customized solution which involved the installation of a system consisting of two units of the Sentryum series interconnected and capable of balancing the electrical load between the two machines and being able to move it entirely on one in case of failure / maintenance of the other.

The Riello UPS models of the Sentryum S3U range are perfect for "mission-critical" applications such as the OPEN LAB project: they are transformer-free UPS with three-phase input and output, they use ON LINE double conversion technology capable of providing levels of availability of unrivaled energy, are capable of achieving energy efficiency up to 95.5%, and have UL/CSA certification.

The Sentryum range, like all other Riello UPS solutions, fully reflects the corporate philosophy of “Reliable power for a sustainable world”: solid protection for critical loads that also puts the safeguarding and sustainability of the planet earth at the fore.

During the design phase, a “Green Technology” approach was maintained to reduce dissipation and energy losses, to generate electricity with lower carbon dioxide emissions, and to improve the overall efficiency performance of the system.

The UPS chosen for this installation uses state-of-the-art technologies and components, such as the DSP processor (Digital Signal Processor) to perform extremely efficient digital signal processing, a dual core microprocessor and a three-level IGBT inverterwhich ensures maximum protection for critical loads without impacting downstream systems, while maintaining optimized energy savings.

Both UPS units have NetMan network cards installed and are equipped with a touchscreen for direct management of the unit, which allows remote connection to the two machines and guarantees complete load management and communication between the UPSs.

The total power of the installed system is 30 kW and guarantees the data center and all connected electronic equipment an electrical continuity of up to 5 hours in the event of a blackout.

Caimi has decided to open the doors of its OPEN LAB laboratories free of charge by setting up a not-for-profit structure. Not only can Universities, Research Institutes, Foundations and other organisations use the facilities for studies and research mainly in the field of sound and acoustics, but also to identify new solutions for improving people's health and psycho-physical well-being.