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December 01, 2020
Downtime cannot be contemplated while energy efficiency is a priority too.

Data Centers play a fundamental role in the functioning of companies in today's interconnected world.

A data center is a physical or virtual space that houses servers and equipment for the storage, processing, and dissemination of large volumes of data, dedicated to a particular set of knowledge and for a specific business. Users of this data must be able to consult it remotely and in real-time.

A data center consists of IT (Information Technology) equipment, power supply systems (UPS and generator sets) that guarantee continuity and electrical quality to such equipment, and auxiliary systems such as room cooling systems, lighting, and security systems including fire prevention.

Whatever its size, the data center must be able to guarantee the capacity and availability of its functions under all conditions. It must also take into account its eventual future needs, such as an increase in computing demand caused by a growth in services required following a greater number of connected devices.

Factors such as footprint, positioning, cooling, physical and electrical infrastructure, but also and above all quality, availability, continuity and cost of electricity are strategic elements to be carefully evaluated.

The stability of the electricity supply is not always guaranteed. Electrical devices connected to the grid can suffer damage from voltage drops and blackouts and if not adequately protected. Relying only on the electricity supplier is not recommended: to protect data centers, ensure continuity of services, and safeguard your business from operational interruptions, inefficiencies, and unexpected costs, you must rely on UPS systems.

An energy efficient data center requires attention to detail, design skills, and considerable investment: if all this is done correctly, the optimal choice of the UPS solution can bring significant benefits.

The three main factors to consider are:

  • reliability, a characteristic which is guaranteed by the redundancy of the UPS equipment;
  • scalability, an aspect ensured by the use of modular UPS, which allows capacity to change over time and avoids unnecessary oversizing at installation;
  • choice of UPS systems and high efficiency instruments.

Our innovative solutions guarantee high performance and high availability.

To learn more about the topic, read the downloadable brochure at the link below and find out how the technologies, design and architectures we use in our UPS systems help optimize the performance of the data center.


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