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February 17, 2021
Protection of virtualization, storage, sharing and restore systems

Riello UPS, in collaboration the Syneto, has developed a new functionality for the NetMan 204 4GB network card that allows you to protect Syneto's virtualization, storage, sharing, restore and Disaster Recovery services. Riello UPS has in fact equipped its uninterruptible power supplies with a 4GB NetMan 204 network card which allows for the shutdown and orderly restart of the virtual machines in the event that a sudden power failure occurs. In this way, the UPS can safely shut down all virtual machines included in the Autorestart configuration, making sure that the last virtual machine is the first to be stopped.

What is hyperconvergence and how does it work? 

Often the older IT infrastructures present within Data Centers can be a burden, preventing them from responding quickly to the demands of business growth. Through the IT architecture of centralization of software resources, which is obtained with hyperconvergence systems (HCI), it is possible to reduce costs, complexity and costs borne by personnel, all while increasing performance.
Hyperconvergence and hyperconverged infrastructures  use an approach that allows you to provide the user with a completely virtualized environment without requiring specific technical knowledge. The HCI are defined as an IT structure capable of virtualizing the "conventional" elements of physical systems: computational components such as CPU and RAM, virtualized networking and a virtualized Storage Area Network.
​This type of infrastructure (HCI) works in unison within computing, virtualization, storage and networking. In this way, users are able to conveniently expand the system while meeting the needs of computing and storage resources.


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Riello UPS and SYNETO together for hyperconvergence systems

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