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January 29, 2024
2023 was the year of commitment to Data Center protection
The Veronese company has established itself as a major global player in an increasingly strategic and growing sector.

Riello UPS, a world player in uninterruptible power supplies, photovoltaic inverters, and energy storage systems, achieved success in 2023 and now aims to pursue advanced technological solutions for Data Center protection in 2024.

The surge in digitalization, fueled by cloud computing and network-connected devices, has led to a substantial increase in data generation and storage. This has paralleled a rise in demand for Data Center infrastructure to support the computing, storage, and network needs of this expanding data volume. The emphasis on sustainability has prompted investments in technologies to enhance energy efficiency, reduce costs, and optimize UPS system performance.

In 2023, Riello UPS focused on finding high-performance solutions for Data Centers, particularly those that enhance efficiency by reducing energy consumption, raw materials, and carbon emissions. The company participated in nine major global events, showcasing its commitment to the sector. Notably, at Data Center World in London, Riello UPS unveiled an exclusive preview of the Multi Power2 UPS range, boasting up to 98.1% efficiency. This innovation sets a higher standard for protecting critical applications in modern Data Centers. The Multi Power2 is designed to meet sector demands and supports sustainable decarbonization strategies, contributing to lower CO2 emissions while maintaining exceptional performance, crucial in high-energy critical computing environments like medium and large Data Centers.

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Riello UPS protects Data Centers

Riello UPS protects Data Centers