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Power Range: 15 kVA – 1500 kVA 


The Riello HPM is the ultimate modular UPS for DATA CENTRES and other CRITICAL LOADs.
The HPM is designed to protect any critical high-density computer and IT environment, whilst achieving maximum availability. The HPM grows along with the demands of the business without oversizing the UPS - optimizing both the initial investment and the Total Cost of Ownership. As soon as demand increases, the Riello HPM modular solution can expand its power capability, maintaining the highest levels of power protection, availability, redundancy and investment savings.

Digital technology has an increasingly strong influence on day-to-day activities in almost all sectors and applications such as healthcare, power generation, social networking, telecommunications, commerce and education.
Subsequently, any activities and equipment related to data storage, processing and transfer should be supplied from the most reliable power source. HPM ensures that a scalable, secure, high quality power supply is available for a variety of critical load applications. The new HPM Power Modules feature the very latest in UPS technology. With its three level Neutral Point Clamped (NPC) inverter and Power Factor Corrected (PFC) input control, the HPM ensures the highest level of performance in terms of overall efficiency, input power factor and harmonic impact on the supply source.


  • Utmost Availability

  • Ultimate Scalability

  • Un-matched Power Density Efficiency up to 96%

  • Smart Sleep Function Multi Control

  • Highly Flexible

  • Cold Start Feature


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HPM Series


Power Module has been designed based on three level IGBT Inverter technology with DSP Control. All components design in one module, less fault points & integrated inner thermal sensor, for better protection mechanism, gives higher reliability & Power density. The dedicated and redundant hot-swappable power modules take the most unique structure design. The PCB boards and heat sinks are in two completely different layers, which allow the UPS run in dusty environments, significantly improving its stability and environmental adaptability. Cooling air flows in the lower layer, keeping the upper PCB free of dust. One air flow channel ensures fans redundancy, even one fan fails, power module can run normally. Each power modules has its own intelligent battery charger for long battery life.

Comprehensive Monitoring Management & friendly Interface
Provide graphical and text based information of alarms, status data, instructions that users can have more friendly and safer operation. In each power module, information of critical components is monitored and displayed in realtime, giving customers a view of inner status of the system and providing reminder information for maintenance. Maintenance reminder, running time of capacitors and fans displayed and recorded. Comprehensive temperature monitoring for thermal abnormal detection. UPS can record and save the data of the main parameters automatically when faults happen for further analysis. It can record data information and present as wave form for further analysis can easily spot the causes of the failures, avoid future similar faults. 

Smart Sleep Function
Smart Sleep function can intelligently make some power modules go to sleep when the load is relatively low, Improving the efficiency of the remaining power modules and saving customers on power and cooling costs.

  • Improving efficiency, reducing power and cooling costs
  • Easy setting with just two steps.
  • Customers can select sleep mode and rotation period
  • Power modules working in rotation, prolong the lifetime

Self-aging is an advanced function and it can test UPS under different load situation without real load, saving more than 90% of energy. Its Simulate different load conditions without connecting to any real load, saving 90% of energy. On Site setting supported, easy for factory testing.

Flexible Modularity & Scalability
Multi Power provides a comprehensive, easy-to-integrate power protection solution for datacenters and any critical IT application matching the evolving demands of a networked environment. The end user can easily increase power, redundancy level and battery autonomy by simply adding additional UPS Power Modules and Battery Units. Two different cabinet frames are available to build the system: The Power Cabinet and the Battery Cabinet. Power Cabinet designed in Rack mounted modular concept, compatible with19’’standard rack cabinet, convenient to be integrated with servers for data centre application. Power cabinet is scalable as per user load demand, system capacity can reach upto 1500 kVA.

Power cabinet system designed in various system ratings which provided flexibility to design solutions as per business need and can serve small scale to large scale business applications.

In addition, the UPS is available as an optimized solution providing a power module/Battery combination with Three UPS power module slots and four battery shelves. This solution can be utilized within extremely compact areas requiring a small footprint with maximum power density.

The battery cabinet accommodates multiples of 4 battery units, with upto 32 units within a single frame with a maximum of 10 Battery cabinets connected in parallel. One modular Battery unit consist 10nos. of 7 or 9AH battery. Modular battery cabinet dimension (600mmx1020mmx2000mm–WxDxH) is designed in line with UPS dimensions. The Plug & Play modular concept simplifies any power or battery autonomy expansion process, rather than a complete Power Module or Battery unit replacement.

Furthermore, all power modules and critical components are easily accessible from the front of the unit as standard. The system is equipped with a Manual by pass change over switch and Back feed control with a mechanical interlock contactor inbuilt, eliminating any maintenance-related down time.

All these features ensure easy UPS expansion, operation and maintenance; minimizing downtime, decreasing the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) and removing any possible risk to power continuity, when carried out by authorized service personnel.

Power cabinet system is integrated with Touchscreen LCD display with advanced industry standard communication options available, like programmable dry contacts, Serial RS232/USB communication, SNMP & Modbus communications.